What to Expect While House Shopping


i. Gather documents listed on the document checklist.

ii. Contact a mortgage professional (me!) to get pre-approved.

iii. Determine your house budget based on the information obtained from your pre-approval.

iv. Meet with a Real Estate Agent.

v. Find THE ONE and make an offer.

Broker giving a presentation to a young couple in her office leaning over the desk to explain paperwork to them

vi. Choose a Real Estate Lawyer (Or ask me or your realtor for a Referral.

vii. Your mortgage professional will submit for your approval (the lender needs to approve the home you’ve chosen).

viii. See your mortgage professional (me!) to go over your approval and choose your options (payment frequency, property tax payment, etc.)

ix. Book your moving truck (and convince your friends to help you move).

x. Set up Home Insurance (bundle with car for an extra discount).

xi. Set up/Transfer Cable and Internet Services.

xii. Contact Union Gas, Bluewater Power, etc. Start or update your account with them.

xiii. Contact Canada Post to forward your mail and change your mailing address.

xiv. Meet with your lawyer to sign your final documents and give him your bank draft – this is for your down payment and closing costs.

xv. Pick up your keys from your lawyer on closing day!